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January 2021 Publication

Psymposium by PAAlberta ISSUU

Dr Kelly Dean Schwartz, R. Psych,

Dr Erica Makarenko, R. Psych,

Dr Carly McMorries, R. Psych

"As Alberta secondary students returned to school this Fall, we addressed this lack of evidence and asked students about their learning, health, mental health, and relationships as they returned to school."

Canadian Journal of School Psychology

2021, Vol. 36(2) 166– 185

Kelly Schwartz, Deinera Exner-Cortens, Carly McMorris, Erica Makarenko, Paul Arnold, Marisa Bevel Sarah Williams, Rachel Canfield.

"Results are discussed in the context of how schools can provide both universal responses to students during COVID-19 knowing that most students are coping well, while some may require more targeted strategies to address stress arousal and heightened negative affect"