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March 17 2021  


CBC Radio Show interview with Dr Kelly Schwartz

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March 17 2021  


Majority of students involved in research project are coping with the stress and uncertainty of COVID-19

May 17, 2021  


"Three out of 10 students are saying this is almost like a post-traumatic stress reaction that they're having. It's truly impacting their day-to-day functioning." - Dr Kelly Schwartz

March 30 2021  

The Gauntlet

Schwartz’s study takes a cognitive approach to understand how grade 6–12 students’ attitudes of growth surrounding the pandemic within a school can lay foundations to pursue goals despite setbacks in their secondary years. 

July 11, 2021  

Calgary Herald

Still, the data showed stress levels among students did exceed the 'critical cutoff' for adolescents, where stress significantly increased from September 2020 to June 2021

March 30 2021  

The Gauntlet

The preliminary findings suggest that overall, youth were doing well six months into the pandemic, and that differences in mental health may reflect pre-existing issues. The authors recommend a need for age- and gender-targeted COVID-19 public health messaging in Canada.

Feb 12 2021  

CTV News

“Kids are experiencing this like the rest of us. This has disrupted major areas of their life. Their social lives, their academic lives, and their families,” said Kelly Schwartz

Feb 4 2021  

Global News

“You couldn’t construct kind of a worse experience for students to go back and forth, back and forth to school,” said Schwartz, “having their social relationships again cut off.”

January 2021 Issue Psymposium by PAAlberta


"As Alberta secondary students returned to school this Fall, we addressed this lack of evidence and asked students about their learning, health, mental health, and relationships as they returned to school."

Jan 15 2021  

CBC Calgary News

Dr. Kelly Schwartz shares WAVE II data with CBC's Rob Brown. Students stress levels have increased. 

Sept 28 2020


"We’re going to use this data and help schools use this data to actually support students."

June 6 2020


“One of the things that is really inspiring about some of the responses to adversities we’ve seen is how people are learning not only to take care of themselves, but finding ways to give back to others, to give back to the community. That is key to, I think, long-term resiliency."

Jan 4 2021 


How are the students themselves handling the disruption? What are their feelings about their own personal learning, health, mental health, and relationships in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic? Can the students own perspectives be used to inform school and board decisions moving forward?

Nov 5 2020  


Dr. Kelly Schwartz said this finding is particularly significant given the rapidly growing number of students being put into quarantine as COVID-19 cases are on the rise across Alberta