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Study Purpose

2,245 students (age 12-18; 55% female) from the Calgary Board of Education,  the Edmonton Board of Education,  the Calgary Catholic School District and the Edmonton Catholic School Board.  were asked about #COVID19, their mental health, and resiliency during return to school.

Drop #14

Drop #13

Drop #12

Drop #11

We asked students about symptoms of mental health concerns: In the last week, how often were you . . . anxious (worried, nervous). 4/10 said never/rarely; 4/10 said often/very often. 

Drop #10

We asked students about symptoms of mental health concerns: In the last week, how often were you . . . sad or withdrawn? Over 50% were never/rarely sad, but > 25% said often/very often.

Drop #9

We wondered if the way students returned to school - in person, virtual, or hybrid - would be reflected in their self-reported stress. Hybrid learners slightly > but not significant.

Drop #8

How do stress levels differ among students? Older students (15-18) reported sig. > arousal levels (e.g., sleep probs, irritability, feel more nervous) than did younger students (12-14).

CRIES Mean Scores by Mode of School Delivery

Drop #7

We asked metro AB students to rate their COVID-19 stress in three areas. All scale scores and total score were in non-clinical ranges, but arousal levels are higher. Overall, students are managing COVID-19 stress.

Drop #6

As metro AB students returned to school, we asked students how frequently these sentences were true in the last 7 days re COVID-19. Students age 15-18 rated frequency > 12-14 year olds.

Student's Mean Scores on CRIES

Thinking about COVID-19

Drop #5

We asked students which support services they accessed since schools closed in March due to COVID. Most students did not seek additional support,

but 16% did seek some form of support.

Drop #4

Teens like being close to their friends, but COVID-19 changed that. We asked:

In the past month, to what extent did you engage in physical distancing? 65% did all/most of the time.

Data Drop #3

Metro Alberta students were asked: How concerned are you about family confinement and stress during COVID-19 almost half 47% responded "very" or "extremely."

Data Drop #2

During the first few weeks of return-to-school, 62% of students were "not at all" or "somewhat" concerned about the impact of COVID-19 on their own health. 

Drop #1

In what form did metro students return to school this Fall? 84.3% returned to school In-person.

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